The RVLSI provides a set of classes to manage VLSI project.

The RVLSIApp is an implementation of a R::RApplication adapted for a VLSI session. In practice, it manages the creation of a VLSI session and the parameters (which are stored in configuration files).

Besides that, the RVLSI library provides several tools to manage GDS II and EDIF2 files. The idea is that the user defines a project file (with an ".vlsiprj" extension) containing all the files needed by a project. The RProject class manages such a project, build the structure from the different files, and stores the result in a xml file that can be read by the KDevVLSI application. The project file is defined by one file per line:


where the type can be "EDIF2", "GDSII", "LOG" (one log file can be created to store the errors) or "PL2D" (one output xml file).