1 The goals

The research projects of the Paul Otlet Institute aim to better understand the impacts of information technology, including changes in our practices (information, cultural production, participation politics, etc.), and to develop software components licensed under the GNU LGPL.

2 The research projects

Dr. Pascal Francq has published severeal studies linked to the Internet, these include :
Three projects of software components are currently maintained by the Paul Otlet Institute:
  1. The R Libraries projet provides a set of reusable generic C++ classes (strings, containers, text files, genetic algorithms, etc.).
  2. The GALILEI project proposes a coherent and integrated approach for information science, including a software platform developed in C++.
  3. The VLSI project aimed to develop a solution for the placement of components on a type Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) chip. If this research is currently suspended, the VLSI library does provide a basic algorithm for this problem.

3 The services

The Paul Otlet Institute uses its expertise and technologies to provide research services to third parties. These services include developments of specific algorithms (linked or not to the GALILEI platform), impact studies of technologies on certain practices (knowledge management, community of practice analysis, etc.). or studies to establish specifications for software projects.